World’s Most Dangerous Road & It’s In India

World’s Most Dangerous Road –

On our everyday routine to and from the workplace (or school, or wherever it is that a number of us while away our time), we run over a considerable measure of madness on road. Marginal hazardous you may even say. Be that as it may, in the wake of seeing this video, you might need to have another take a gander at your meaning of a ‘dangerous street’.

A video that has been placed on net by Charanpreet Singh, has turned into a web sensation, with numerous asserting it to be the ‘most dangerous street on the planet’. What’s more, by the looks of it, they’re not far-off.


In the video, the street seems as though it’s scarcely sufficiently wide to convey an auto, so God help you if there’s a vehicle coming the other way.

Goodness and did we specify what seems to be a sheer drop in a valley underneath on the left of the street?


Truth be told, this is only one in arrangement of recordings that Charanpreet has transferred on YouTube, reporting India’s most unsafe streets. You can look at the video here:


For more of his videos, check out his YouTube channel here.