The World’s Largest Vertical Maze in Dubai

Based on its style of construction, Vertical Maze Tower has got famous because of its uniqueness. A spectacular building with 57 stories, it is located on the Sheikh Zayed road and has a rectangular maze design on front as well as rear views.


This is the reason that it has got registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for a unique architecture and concept. In fact, the building has also got a glass window, which is considered as the source of light for the whole building. On being lightened in the night, the maze is visible to the people passing around.


Constructed by the Al Rostamani Group, this amazing building is made more attractive by lightening through different colored LED lights. Visually beautiful and a unique design, this vertical maze building has emerged as the finest example of architectural designing technology. Everyone is aware of the fact that Dubai is full of skyscrapers and has won place in Guinness Book of World Record for its various interesting building. Certainly, Burj Al Arab is the tallest building in the world and adorns Dubai with its amazing constructive beauty.


It seems that Dubai is on a constant rise in terms of technical developments in terms of construction conceptions. In fact, the Maze Tower has become famous as the world’s largest standing tower and has attracted many visitors as soon as it got complete.