Woman Who Did Not Smiled for 40 Years

Woman Who Did Not Smiled for 40 Years –

It’s not easy to control your laugh for a long, but some people in search of beauty can do any thing they think can get benefit of to look beautiful. Women Ane Women. Lets read the story of  “Tess Christine” who claims that she has not laughed from last 40 year. OH MY GOD!! 40 YEARS!!!


In order to look beautiful, women keep on adopting some or the other tactics. One such woman in the world is Tess Christine, who claims that she has not smiled for 40 years. It is just because she wanted to stay young forever. Generally, what happens is that, on smiling, the face gets wrinkles and the shine on face disappears. It was in school at the age of 10 years that she stopped smiling because of the fact that Tess wanted to look beautiful. Indeed, doctors also say that excessive smile brings in wrinkles on the face and makes the skin look aged.


Tess Christine is now 50 years old and stays in London. Even at this age, her skin is flawless and does not have any kind of wrinkle. She works in a vegetable production company and takes extra care of her skin. However, she states to the people that the reason behind her flawlessly beautiful skin is that she has exercised control on her smile. She started controlling from the school days because her teacher never liked any child to smile in the class. This unusual story has made Tess quite popular as a non-smiling person and her will power to look smart.

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