Donald Trump’s White House

Donald Trump For US President –

Donald John Trump Sr. (conceived June 14, 1946) is an American business financier, TV personality, author, and 2016 presidential competitor. He is the executive and president of The Trump Organization and the originator of Trump Entertainment Resorts. Trump’s extreme way of life and straightforward way have made him a superstar for quite a long time, a status opened up by the accomplishment of his NBC reality demonstrate The Apprentice.

Donald Trump the US real estate giant has declared to join the presidential race of United States. Soon after, their related content on social media seemed to be uploaded. Out of those uploads, photo with this White House is the most preferred which was made by a reddit user. Reddit user told through the photographs that if Donald Trump become the country’s new president, the White House may take the form of something like this.


US President’s The White House is basically three-storey building, while his squid-like is shown 20-storey building on the Internet. Its because the image of Donald Trump famous for changing small buildings into multi storey building.

Donald Trump (69), announced the presidential candidacy from Republican party’s side.He is the second person to do so after Jeb Bush. It is very hard to say whether he is going to become president or not before the resuly, but before polls he have claimed that their net worth is around 558 billion rupees. In Donald Trump’s Profile tags like business magnets, Investor, TV Personality, Arthur, Politician is found. In 2013 they amounted to more than Rs 6 crore was spent on the research, to find out whether or not they should be included in the presidential race.