John Abraham hurts himself shooting for “Welcome Back”

Welcome Back Movie, John Abraham Injured –

Welcome back“, the sequel of “Welcome” legacy which stars John Abraham in the lead, is passing through a tough time. John has been injured many times while shooting for the film. He recently got a serious neck sprain while riding a Hummer in desert, and has again sustained injuries while shooting an action sequence.


In pursuit of having a perfect shot, in which he had to bang his head against a glass table, he ended up hurting himself and sustaining several cuts and injuries. Welcome Back’s director, Anees Bazmee, was reported saying “John often joked that he ended up injuring himself shooting a comedy film, more than when he shoots action films. He concealed his bruises with make-up and continued shooting.”

In spite of his hectic schedule taking a toll on his health, he managed the incident in a true professional manner, instead of taking the director’s offer of postponing the shoot. A hero in a real life indeed not only in reel life.