Top 10 Weirdest Railway Stations Around the World

Top 10 Weirdest Railway Stations In┬áthe World –


All of us have spent some time sitting tight for postponed trains, atleast once in a life. There is nothing more fascinating in many stations than declaration about arrival of our sought train. Yet, there are some train stations over the globe where we can get something more than dull stationary trucks and hot refreshments. Actually, some of the stations are bizarre and amazing that you may need to include your list. They are bizarre yet having a short stay will unquestionably not to be the most exceedingly terrible thing in your life.

1. CST Station (Mumbai, India) –

CST Station - Mumbai, India

Positioned among the most incredibly famous UNESCO Heritage destinations in Mumbai, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the primary rail line station. It brandishes superb turrets, stone arch and curves which would make it the contender of Victoria station in London. You can investigate the surprising tiles, decorative railings and wood carvings while sitting tight for your train here.

2. Union Station (Chicago, USA) –

Union Station - Chicago

The stupendous building design of Union Station will most likely flabbergast you. In the heart of station, the American Renaissance building hosts VIP occasions in the notorious Great Hall. Indeed, explorers affection to invest additional time to investigate the ordered corridor with metal lights, marble floors and vaulted bay window.

3. Atocha Station, Madrid (Spain) –

Atocha Station, Madrid

You may call it a little wilderness. On the off chance that its your first time to visit Spain, you will be astonished to see the palm trees and intriguing palms in domed chamber. You can investigate the tropical greens spread in more than 4000 sq. m. of scenes while tasting some hot espresso.

4. Ushuaia Station (Argentina) –

Ushuaia Station - Argentina

The rail route station situated toward the apocalypse, Ushuaia Station is situated at the valley of Tierra del Fuego and is situated on the bank of Pipo River. In the mid 20th century, the station thought to be situated toward the apocalypse for those detainees why should sent work camps. At Present, it is extremely fantastic destination as a result of a little Prisoner’s train and the wonderful perspectives.

5. Pickering Station (Yorkshire) –

Pickering Station - Yorkshire

You can encounter the age-old appeal of a common English train station. You can sit tight here for the vintage steam prepare and have an outing to the old products shed. Presently it is a hairdressing salon.

6. Tanggula Mountain Station (Tibet) –

Tanggula Mountain Station - Tibet

Situated at the elevation of 5058 M, Tanggula Mountain station is thought to be the most elevated train station in the world. Presumably it is a left station which is left unmanned. Yet, you can get the photo immaculate perspectives of River, Lake and Glacial mass here.

7. Haydarpasa Station (Istanbul) –

Haydarpasa Station - Istanbul

This eastern station was built on more than 1100 wooden shafts and is secured by water on all the three sides. This manor like building has the shocking inside and the pleasant perspectives of the river.

8. Broken Hill station (Australia) –

Broken Hill station - Australia

Set in New South Wales, the Broken Hill station is a stoppage for the most breathtaking rail travel crosswise over Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.