Weird Peoples Want To Look Different From Other

Weird Peoples Want To Look Different From Other


People modified there look weird to look different from others.

1. American resident Denis Evner known as cat man.


People in the world want to look different from others so they modify their look that sometimes goes beyond the limit.

Denis Evner : Cat Man

American resident got his face changed by surgery. He got this surgery done to look like a Tiger. Even he implanted big teeth by this surgery. Now he looks like tiger with the help of tattoos he has on his face.

 2. Rick : Joby Boy


Rick belongs to Canada. He is changing himself in a joby. He has spent 4075 dollar on such practice. Some people think that he has got his body modified and some of them think that he is sick.

Julia gnuse : Illustrated Lady


Julia is known as an illustrated lady. She is suffering from porphyries since childhood. Because of this disease body gets filled by sore. Because of this disease she started making tattoo on her body, so now she has got tattoo on her whole body. Her name is recorded in Guinness world record.

Tom leopard


Tom spent 500 dollar on making tattoo on his whole body. He is the man who has maximum tattoos on his body in the world. Because these tattoo he looks like a leopard. That’s why he is called as Tom leopard.

Erik Sprague


Erik born in 1972, He got his whole body tattooed to look like snake. Even he has divided his tongue in two parts. 37 years old Erik spent 700 hours in making such tattoos on his body.

Horace Rider


A professional artist Horace Rider represents himself as zebra man in front of people. For this he tattooed his body in white and black colored lines.

Lucky Diamond Rich


Lucky has got maximum tattoos on his body in the world. He has been tattooed by several artists for about 1000 hours.  He made his body colorful.