Underwater Nuclear Bomb – Incredible Footage Of 8-Kiloton Explosion!

This footage is from operation Hardtack and this explosion is from an 8-kiloton nuclear bomb named Umbrella.

That’s insane. But what’s even more insane is that that huge explosion was only 8 kilotons. In comparison, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 16 kilotons (double).

Also there was no one aboard the ship, just instruments to record the effects. The ship did not sink, although it had significant damage to the hull below the waterline. It’s hard to judge the distance from the explosion to the ship, I’d guess less than half a mile.

Maybe a few hundred yards. For scale, the ship is over 400 feet long, and the water column reached a height of over a mile.

Here is a picture where you can see all of the water splash!