Unbelievable, Indian Parents Climbed A School Wall To Help Kids Cheat Exam!

The quest to be educated in India has literally scaled new heights. This incident shows parents of the students clambering up school buildings and clinging on window ledges to pass cheat sheets to their children have left authorities in despair. This incident took place on Wednesday in Bihar, where students were writing their year-end grade 10 examinations.

Parents climbing the school wall to help their children


Bihar Education Minister PK Shahi told,

“children won’t learn if they’re constantly helped by family members. Government can only hold fair examinations with the help of the parents, society and the children,” he said. “This is a collective responsibility.”

With more than 1.2 billion people, proper schooling could hold the key for much of the population to get out of a vicious cycle of poverty.

One father, desperate to get his daughter to sit her exams, lashed her to his motorbike to make sure she got to school.


Government and other responsible organizations should take severe actions against them. In a developing economy like India, children should get their opportunity to study.