Rare Two Headed Chameleon Born In England

Two Headed Chameleon :-

Strange things happening around the world this time here we got a surprising news about the chameleon, but this one is not the ordinary one IT GOT TWO HEADS!! OMG TWO HEADS. Lets read the news …


A very rare two faced chameleon is born in Liverpool city, England. The photos on social sites are going viral. Stephen Evans said he loves chameleon, therefore he had put a couple of chameleon in his home for the past 17 years. Recently, from a female chameleon egg two mouths appeared, they thought it maybe two kids out of eggs. However, they were then surprised when they saw two mouth chameleon came out of egg.

He said that last night I saw these eggs in incubator, they seemed to have been common, but the next morning to see this two headed chameleon was nothing short of a surprise. Then I put the photos on Facebook. Evans after his wife and other family members also share the photos on social sites, after which these photographs were viral. Evans says that the next day was my birthday. So for me it was nothing short of a surprise.

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