Some Tips for Trimming Your Waist Without Effort

Please be careful if you are constantly putting on weight. This increased size of the waist and abdomen can cause many diseases. If you are struggling with this problem we are going to give you some tips, strategies by which you can control weight without doing heavy workout.

Some tips for decreasing fat off your waist –


1. Make sauce of fresh green leaves of Mint and eat it with Chapati, weight can also be controlled by drinking tea made up of mint.

2. Eat carrots every day before having meals. Eating carrots will make you less hungry, and you will be eating less. Modern science has also considered effectiveness of carrots in reducing obesity.

3. Put half teaspoon of fennel in a cup of boiling water. Keep it covered for 10 minutes. On cooling drink the water. It takes three months to lose weight consistently.

4. Eat papaya regularly. It is found in every season. Long-term consumption of papaya helps in removal of excess waist fat.

5. Having Yogurt in your diet increases the possibility of reducing excess fat around your waist.

6. Avoid high carbohydrate items. Sugar, potatoes and rice have more carbohydrates, which increases fat.

7. It is beneficial to eat chapati (Bread) made of wheat, soybeans, grains mixed flour than of only wheat flour.

8. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories, so take them in higher volumes. Do not eat banana and sapota. This increases obesity.

9. Make powder of dried Amla and turmeric in equal measure by grinding. And have it with the yogurt drink. It will provide you a very slim waist.

10. If you’re not able to control your obesity. Research has found that the best way to lose weight is to eat green chili or black pepper. Element found in pepper is capsaicin which have tendency to reduce hunger. It also increases energy consumption, which helps in controlling weight.

11. Collect some rough chaff tree seeds. Roast them in a clay pot on a light flame and grind them to make powder. Take one teaspoon twice a day, will benefit greatly.

12. Mix one spoon of daikon juice and one spoon of honey in a glass of water, and drink it daily. It would be controlling obesity within 1 month.

13. Having Tomato and onion salad with pepper and salt in your diet will control the increasing weight. Which provides Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein. Eating them will fulfil needed vitamins in your diet and will decrease hunger as you have already eaten salad.

14. Drink a glass of cold water with two tablespoon of honey dissolved in it. This will decrease the amount of fat in the body.

15. You can also have a glass of warm water in morning with some lemon juice drops.

Hope these tips helps you in decreasing your waist and provide you with a slim and trimmed waist. Best Of Luck!!