Top 9 Most Talked Languages Of The World

Top Spoked Languages Of The World –


9. Malay (Indonesian) – Around 160 Million Speakers

Malay-Indonesian is talked in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei.

“Hello” in Malay language is “Selamat pagi”.


8. Russian (Russia) – Around 277 Million Speakers

Considering the measure of Russia it was most likely clear it would show up on the list yet the dialect is additionally talked in Belarus, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

“Hello” in Russian language is “Zdravstvuite”.


7. Portuguese (Portugal) – Around 191 Million Speakers

In the 12th Century Portugal won its autonomy from Spain and extended everywhere throughout the world with the assistance of its acclaimed adventurers like Vasco da Gama and Prince Henry the Navigator. Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Timor-Leste, and Macau all communicate in Portuguese.

“Hello” in Portuguese language is “Ola”.


6. Bengali (India) – 211 Million Speakers

Bengali is talked in India (West Bengal, Tripura and South Assam in India) and Bangladesh.

“Hello” in Bengali language is “Ei Je”(EYE-jay).


5. Arabic (Saudi Arabia) – 246 Million Speakers

Being the dialect of Quran, it is famous, as well as one of the most established dialects of the world. It is talked all through the Middle East and found in different nations, for example, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

“Hello” in Arabic language is “Al salaam a’alaykum”.


4. Hindustani or Hindi (Mostly India) : +445 Million

Hindi is the 1st language of India and due heavy population growth it is predicted to surpass English and take 2nd place within few years. It is also spoken in Fiji and Nepal.

“Hello” in Hindustani is “Namaste”.


3. Spanish (Countries of South America) – +415 Million Speakers

Spanish is a national dialect in twenty sovereign states and one dependent element, totaling around 442 million individuals. Aside from Brazil, Spanish is essentially talked in every nation in South America. The dialect is additionally very much alike to Portuguese with numerous Spanish and Portuguese speakers having the capacity to see one another.

“Hello” in Spanish language is “Hola”.


2. English (Universal Language) – +500 Million Speakers

Despite the fact that English isn’t the most talked dialect of the world, it is talked in greater part of the nations of the world. In 2014, there were 58 sovereign states and 21 non-sovereign entities where English was an authority dialect. It is talked in nations, for example, United States, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, Idia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Commonwealth of Nations.


1. Mandarin (China) – +850 Million Speakers

Mandarin is the most mainstream dialect on the planet as it is talked in the most populated nation on the planet.

Despite the fact that mandarin is talked by almost twofold the quantity of individuals communicating in English, it is a standout amongst the most hardest dialects to learn.

“Hello” in Mandarin is “Ni hao”