Top 9 Horror Movies with True Origins

9 Horror Movies with True Origins

Spooky times can turn into exceptional movies and this is what happened with under mentioned flicks. Inspired by the real life events, these movies have been created to amaze the people about what could have possibly being happened in the strange events.

1. The Blob


An implausible movie based on real life event that involved the members of New York Police Department, who kept coming across exceptionally strange viscous substance.

2. Open Water

Being one of the least surprising movies in the horror category, it was inspired by a real life event that was concerned with a shark attack on two American tourists.

3. The Conjuring

Based on the paranormal activity issues with a family called the Parrons, real life investigators informed about same incident as that of the one depicted in the movie.

4. The Girl Next Door

Reflecting the torture carried out on a girl by her baby sitter, this movie showcased the pain that the girl went as she was left to a lady and her parents went away.

5. The Exorcist

As the movie released, it came out in “The Washington Post” that similar event of exorcism had happened with a person in 1949.

6. Psycho

This murder mystery is a real life story based on a murderer called Ed Gein.

7. The Amityville Horror

Created on the base of a book that talked about recording of paranormal activities by Lutz family, this movie has hair raising events.

8. Child’s Play

This horror movie is developed on the base of reports of paranormal events taking place with a family, whose child was given a scorned doll by the servant.

9. Nightmare on Elm street

A scary movie by nature, it reflected the story of multiple refugees that were reported dead within their sleep only.