Top 8 Weird Medical Anomalies

Diseases have always been troublesome and accompany severe results. Indeed, the world is full of various diseases that are incurable. Even, scientific development has not been successful in finding an aid to it. Some of the weirdest diseases in the world are:

1. Progeria


One of the rarest diseases, the patient having Projaria looks like an old man in childhood only. And the maximum age limit for such patients is just 13 years.

2. Arostegui Syndrome


Falling in the category of rarest diseases, the person suffering from Aero Stigui Syndrome gets to have a big face as that of lion. Indeed, the reason behind this is increasing of corneal bone and the body starts getting numb. And finally, death is the only end to this disease.

3. Werewolf Syndrome

werewolf-syndrome_1423575 (1)

Under the effect of this disease, hairs grow on the patient’s face and they look like werewolf. Mexico has the maximum number of people suffering from this disease.

4. Roots Syndrome


As a part of this strange disease, the roots happen to grow in the body as a result of cancer or HPV virus. The patient has to undergo a surgery for getting rid of it.

5. Belasco Lines


This disease is quite rare in the world and its reason is also not known to the science. As a part of this problem, V or S shaped lines appear on the body like over the spinal cord area, chest and even stomach.

6. Blue Skin


One of a strange looking disease, the skin of the person turns blue and it increased hereditary. Though, nothing happens on having this Blue Skin Syndrome.

7. Dermatographia


When a person gets this disease, his skin becomes extra sensitive and gets red spots easily on being touched.

8. Elephantiasis


Generally, this syndrome is quite troublesome for the people having them. As a part of this disease, the legs and feet of the person get swollen so much that they look like that of elephant and happen because of parasite worms.