Top 7 Things You Witness When You Are Part Of An Unwanted Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is the single most popular online messaging app used by people all over the world. While it has tonnes of amazing unparalleled features, one of them is really cumbersome at times. Can’t figure out what? Well, it is the group chat feature. While connecting with your friends and family in one place is a great prospective, the problem comes when someone gets your number from somewhere and adds you to an unwanted group. The worst part is you cannot leave it too, to avoid appearing rude. So, for all the people stuck in such situations, here is a list of things you most certainly witness.

1. Waking Up to Infinite Messages


Oh well, how many of you have gone through the nightmare of waking up to more than 100 messages in a group that you have no interest in whatsoever. Still, you end up going through it and facing the imminent disappointment. Sigh!

2. The Irritating College Group


Imagine being stuck in a room with people you can’t get along with in college. That is the feeling you get when you are forced to be a part of one such college Whatsapp group. While it is necessary to keep up to date with college happenings, it easily turns into a nuisance.

3. The Useless Mute Option


While even Whatsapp realizes your plight, the’Mute’ option for group chats doesn’t really help. While you do not get the sound or buzz when a new message arrives, you still see it spamming all of your notification bar when you swipe it down. What sadness!

4. The Random Picture in Your Gallery


One of the most irritating part of group chats is the pictures. When you open your photo gallery and find hoards of senseless pictures, you can’t help but curse at the group you’re part of. Whatsapp should definitely do something about this soon.

5. The Embarrassing Questions


A really awkward situation arises when you meet the people that are part of the group in person. They involuntarily ask you the reason for not replying or not interacting, and you have to lie and make excuses to the best of your abilities.

6. The Regretful Decision to Leave the Group


After a lot of thought and consideration, you finally decided to leave the group and bear all the consequences. But, that too backfires, as you are added back almost instantly. Hello? Don’t the people get it that you left deliberately?

7. A Pointless Effort to Talk


Fed up of the constant irritation, you give in and decide to try and make nice talk. However, someone in the group, in some pathetic way, makes sure to boil your blood and regret the decision you made. So much for all the courage you showed!

Thus, it is evident that group chats are bound to get on your nerves in some way or the other. To add to it, you only have a limited options to get around it. You could be bold and brave to withstand this constantly, have the guts to leave it, or simply change your contact number! What is it going to be?