Top 7 Most Eerie And Dangerous Ocean Creatures

Bizarre Ocean Creatures

Thousands number of fishes are found in the ocean. Several of them are eerie and dangerous. We will let you know about them here. These fishes have weird faces. Some of them look like just a part of meat and some look like set of bones so these creatures look awful.

7. The Sea Cucumber


It is mostly found in the area of Asia pacific ocean . It is named as this because creature looks like gherkin.

Size  –  In between .12 to 3.3 feet.

6. Hatchet fish


Mostly Hatchet fish is found in the south and Central America. It has more than 45 species.

Size  –  Varies according to color and species.

5. The Goblin Shark


Goblin shark has a scientific name on that is a combination of names of two people. These people are Mitsukurina and owstoni. These people found this shark. This is called as living fossil.

Size  –  Between 3 m. to 4 m.

4. Flamingo Tongue Snail


Flamingo Tongue Snail found in the Atlantic and Carrabin sea. It has black spot on its orange yellow color skin which is because of its mentor tissues.

Size  –  Between 18 mm. to 44 mm.

3. The Fang tooth


It lives dipper in the sea. It has teeth bigger and sharper than any other fish.

Size  –  15 cm.

2. The Blowfish


The blowfish has been considered as the ugliest creature of the world. It doesn’t have any bone that’s why it lives in the higher pressure area in the Sea.

Size  –  Smaller than 30 cm.

1. The Angler Fish


Mouth is bigger than the body of this fish. It’s dangerous because of its sharpened teeth. There are more than 200 species of this fish.

Size –  3.3 feet.