Top 7 Companies That Make More Money than Apple

While we all make the most of our cell phones, portable PCs, and tablets, how about we acknowledge one straightforward reality: Apple is not the wealthiest organization on the planet (a long way from it really). How about we examine seven organizations that really acquire more than Apple every year (take note of that Apple’s yearly profit were $183 billion).

#7. Wal-Mart –


This family-accommodating strip mall is a world pioneer in income for any single organization.

Situated in Bentonville, Arkansas, they have store areas everywhere throughout the world, and retail about $486 billion every year!

#6. State Grid Corporation of China –


Set up on December 29th, 2009, State Grid Corporation of China is state-possessed endeavor that fabricates and works power frameworks, and additionally gives dependable and secure force supplies for the advancement of society.

Their yearly income? An amazing $333 billion.

#5. China National Petroleum Corporation –


Here’s another organization that is situated in Beijing, as well as inside of the oil and gas industry.Their yearly income spoke the truth $432 billion.

#4. Volkswagen Group –


Very few individuals understand that Volkswagen was established path in 1937, making it one of the most seasoned on this rundown.

Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, this organization has a yearly income of about $219 billion.

#3. ExxonMobil –


ExxonMobil is an organization based from Irving, Texas.

Their yearly income was $394 billion, demonstrating at the end of the day that the oil and gas industry can be an exceptionally gainful industry to work together in.

#2. Samsung Group –


This South Korean multinational organization is headquartered in Seoul, and is included a few associated and auxiliary organizations (the majority of which are under the Samsung brand).And they’re without a doubt an organization that knows how to “walk the discussion”.

Their yearly income surpassed Apple by far at $305 billion.

#1. BP –


Last however absolutely not slightest is BP Oil. Situated in London, their yearly income was $359 billion. Their CEO Bob Dudley must be glad for himself as this oil and Gas Company was likewise ready to eclipse Apple in the income division.