6 Jobs That Are More Cooler Than Working In IT

As much as individuals prefer to let off a little steam by grumbling about their job, by the day end we’re likely all truly happy we even have one. Be that as it may, just to make you begin scrutinizing your life decisions and questioning your own particular satisfaction, here is a list of occupations that we all furtively wish we had.

Meter Maids –

Meter Maids

We’ve all heard the expression “meter maid,” yet since everything is by all accounts cooler in Australian continent, so are their own particular forms of the employment! To advance tourism when the locale presented disagreeable paid stopping meters in the Gold Coast territory known as Surfers Paradise, a neighborhood gathering procured delightful swimming outfit clad cuties to go around and food coins into lapsed meters, while leaving a card on the driver’s windshield advising him that they’d spared him from a stopping ticket and trusted he making the most of his stay in their town. Really cool approach to encourage goodwill!

Fire Twirler –

Fire Twirler

What do secondary school majorettes do when now is the ideal time to hang up the implement? Dress like a privateer and set those things ablaze! These sorts of entertainers are regularly enlisted for particular occasions, however can likewise discover consistent work in upscale execution venues, music features, movies, and then some more.

Funeral Stripper –

Funeral Stripper

This is genuine. It’s quite genuine. What’s more, the legislature in China is striving to put a stop to it because…oh go ahead, its simply practical judgment skills that you don’t have a stripper at your memorial service. The rationale is really customary. You were guaranteed a superior the hereafter if parcels and bunches of individuals went to your send off, and what better approach to get individuals to go to an occasion than to have free drinks and uncovered boobs?

Stanley Cup Keeper –

Stanley Cup Keeper

The NHL’s looked for after recompense, the Stanley Cup, goes with the triumphant group amid the year. Be that as it may, as this picture demonstrates, you can’t generally trust overexcited hockey players with something profitable like this gigantic trophy. That is the reason an official trophy handler goes with it to verify nothing transpires. It’s an unsafe occupation, though…you take a stab at advising an energized hockey player to quit mistreating the Cup!

Beauty Queen Handler –


Much in the same way that the Stanley Cup must be went with on visit, so do significant excellence show champs, and more often than not for the same reason. The official handler will help guarantee the ruler makes it to every last bit of her appearances on time, while additionally verifying she doesn’t get intoxicated in broad daylight, have lip stick on her teeth, or inadvertently film a sex tape.

Ice Cream Taster –


It’s all silly buffoonery until somebody gets mind stop, and no, that is not secured as a work environment danger. Frozen yogurt tasters, who commonly have degrees in sustenance science, can acquire as much as $56K a year while eating several servings of ice cream..a day!