Top 5 Places as Mysterious as Bermuda Triangle

The world is full of mysterious places that hold the significance for raising unsolved queries, which have not found an answer as yet.

1. Belington Triangle


As mysterious as that of Bermuda Triangle, there are numerous people and ships that have found misplaced on passing this triangle at South Western Vermont of America. Whosoever got lost from this place has never been found by anyone as yet.

2. Point Pleasant


Located in West Virginia, this small place had a bridge and people between November 1966 to that of December 1967 saw a strange man. His built was quite different to that of normal human being. After the bridge was collapsed, the strange man was never seen again.

3. Angikuni River


A village located on the banks of this river had around 2000 people living in it, who suddenly disappeared in the 1930 and have not been found as yet. Once a man named La Bel came in this village and found that food has been kept for cooking in every home; but, no person was present there.

4. Bigolo Ranch


Being a place of some mysterious happenings, two of the shepherds have seen some strange things around that place. Once, they saw a wolf hunting lamb and they tried to save the lamb by hitting wolf with a bullet. Nothing happened to that animal and he suddenly disappeared.

5. San Luis Valley


Located in the Colorado town of America, this valley is known for the killing of pet animals. No one knows the reason behind these killings and this is why that it is mysterious enough for people.