Top 5 Bollywood Star’s Kids Who Couldn’t Make It Large

Skill of calling moves through the bloodline after back to back eras. On the off chance that on one hand, some star children have possessed the capacity to make an imprint amongst the heart of the dependable fans, there have been some who have not been as fortunate as their guardians.

In spite of the fact that it may appear to be an extremely favor life, yet being a star child accompanies its own offer of inconveniences. With the multi-heap of desires which is hooked upon them, the acting bug does nibble them. While some overcome and turn into the unchallenged leaders of the Industry, some star children never become famous and stay included in the rundown of lemon Bollywood star children.

Read on to know all the more about such slump Bollywood star children who had the benefits and the surname, however were not ready to legitimize their legacy.

1. Fardeen Khan –


Destined to Sundari Khan and Feroz Khan, this light-looked at kid was honored the Film Debutante for the Best Debutante in 1998 for Prem Aggan. Despite the fact that his dad Feroze Khan tried rehashed endeavors to earn accomplishment for him, he was not ready to convey any conspicuous or back to back hits.

There is not a film – with him as the main lead performing artist – credited to his name and he has been highlighting in multi starer film.

He may have possessed the capacity to legitimize his introduction to the world testament had he some acting ability; however it is as of now past the point of no return for him to demonstrate his determination now.

2. Kumar Gaurav –


Destined to the “Celebration Star” Rajendra Kumar, this attractive kid appeared in 1981 with the hit of Love Story surprisingly. Shockingly, this was the main hit he gave.

Every one of his movies tanked in the cinema world after this, and he in the long run vanished from the scene. In the event that on one hand, his dad more than once conveyed hits breaking celebrations in the silver screen corridors, the child was not ready to reproduce his dad’s prosperity.

Notwithstanding having his dad’s name to stick on to, he was still not ready to catch the group of onlookers. Numerous reliable devotees of his dad do feel that he was neither offered the right sort of parts nor was his guts demonstrated.

Whatever it might be, his dad’s exhibitions still dominates numerous youthful on-screen characters’ acting aptitudes today.

3. Esha Deol –


Destined to the Most Handsome man of his times Dharmendra, and the Dreamgirl of 70’s Hema Malini; Esha Deol was not ready to make a spot for her in Bollywood.

Presently wedded to a business person Bharat Takhtani, it appears that she has quit the business without a doubt, unless a tremendous rebound is propelled.

Move still remains the strong point of the Mother Daughters trio (Esha and Ahaana Deol). The two stepbrothers Sunny and Bobby Deol can at present give the youths a keep running for their cash. Destiny has not supported her regardless of having a place with the group of whizzes.

She frustrates numerous fans regarding negligible matches to her mom’s magnificence and weightless exhibitions.

4. Karan Kapoor –


Destined to a British Actor and a model Jennifer Kendal and yesteryear’s whiz Shashi Kapoor; Karan Kapoor could make ladies the nation over dribble with his appealing grin.

This Grandson of Prithvi Raj Kapoor fits in with a family that has a history in theater, and the former and progressive eras overwhelming the film business. It is very unforeseen and tragic that fabulous Shashi Kapoor’s child just couldn’t act.

He may have been India’s form to Pierce Brosnan, however Bollywood tests acting abilities to unique levels, and he just couldn’t demonstrate his aptitudes to the Indian gathering of people.

Likely, an outside appearance simply added to his burdens, or he didn’t attempt his fortunes in Hollywood. He may have done well in Hollywood inferable from his great looking blonde looks.

5. Riya Sen –


The granddaughter of the Legendary Suchitra Sen, Riya Sen’s mom Moonmoon Sen is still a name synonymous with the well known chuckle she decorated in her childhood. Riya and her sister Raima both have floundered as on-screen characters in Bollywood, however Raima still succeeded in winning some gratefulness for her chose movies.

In spite of the fact that the local silver screen and theater invited Riya, and she accomplished basic praise; she neglected to make an imprint in standard business Bollywood. Her acting looked more like being constrained on her than a characteristic result not surprisingly of her.

She is another illustration of the star child falling flat the test of Talent. She speaks to the third era of the family in the diversion business however acting still does not fall into place without any issues for