Top 5 Cursed Treasure In The World

Cursed Treasures in the World

Treasures have always been a fascinating point in life and finding them is a journey of excitement. But, the world has some cursed treasures that took the lives of many hunters and have not been discovered as such completely. Things heard have become things believed!

5. Charles Island


A small island found in Milford area of America is thought to be cursed because Mexican emperor Guajmojin’s treasure was stolen and the thieves had hidden it on this island. Every person went to find this treasure was dead.

4. Kahuenga Pass Treasure


In 1864, Mexico’s president Benito Juarez had sent his army men to San Francisco with some treasure. On the way, one of the men died and others dug the treasure elsewhere. Whosoever tried to find this treasure was found dead.

3. The Lost Dutchman Mine


A gold mine in the South Western area of America had some curse that people, who went to discover it were found dead. In the year 1510 to 1524, Francisco Wask De Coronado tried to discover this mine and did not return. Jesse Capen of Denver tried to locate treasure in 2009 and was found lost.

2. The Oak Island


Discovered in 1795 by few boys, this island is located at Nova Scotia Coast of Canada where a part it was dug to see that a rock had inscription about 2 million dollars existing deep down. Many people tried to dig it deeper; but could not find anything. Rather, all died in this process.

1. The Amber Room


Constructed in 1707 AD at Persia, this beautiful room was made from gold. After the Second World War in 1941, it was captured by Nazis and protected by different men on being divided into various parts. Further to this in the year 1943, the Amber Room was kept at an exhibition in a museum from where it suddenly vanished and has not been known since then. The people, who went to discover it never returned.