Top 5 Most Bizarre People on Earth

Top 5 Most Bizarre People on Earth

With so many people doing their daily tasks and living excellent lifestyles, there are very few that have distinctive life as they are not normal. This does not mean that they are abnormal; but, something about them is so intriguing that such people have been kept in the category of being bizarre.

1. Sanju Bhagat


Born normally, Sanju saw his stomach blooting in the young age slowly. Not knowing what it could be; he kept ignoring and felt a sudden pain in the year 1999. Followed by this, he went to doctor for check up. Considering it to be tumor, the doctor operated and was amazed to see that Sanju was carrying his twin brother fetus in the stomach.

2. Thai Nong


An Unusual thing about this man is that he has not slept for more than 41 years. Presently at the age of 64 years, Thai Nong had a high fever in 1973 and suddenly his sleep went away making him insomniac. He even went to the doctor for treatment as his health deteriorated because of insomnia. Now, the condition is such that he takes care of a warehouse in night.

3. Siyochi Yokoi


A Japanese soldier of World War II had hidden in the Guam area with his battalion. When America captured this place, he went away and was lost. Indeed, it was after 28 years that he was founded by two men of Guam city.

4. Mehraan Karimi Naseri


Staying in the lounge of Charles De Gaul airport for past 26 years, Mehran Karimi Naseri is an Iranian refugee. He has been kicked out of his country and had tried a lot for gaining permission to stay in various European countries. As the permission was not granted, he made tgis airport as his home.

5. Michelle Lotiti


A French entertainer by profession, Michelle Lotiti is famous for eating metal, glass, cycle and television as his food. Started eating small things in childhood, he has also eaten an airplane within a span of two years.