Top 5 Beautiful Yet Less Known Places Of North Bengal


Situated at an altitude of 7016 feet, Lava is a small hamlet in Darjeeling district of West Bengal or to be precise, the North Bengal. It is one of the few places to receive snowfall in the winters. The route to Lava displays a pleasant change in the sceneries from tropical deciduous to alpine, pine and birch. It could very well be the Switzerland of North-East India. Many small guest houses and lodges are giving shelter to the scarce tourist that visit the place. Changey Waterfalls and Buddhist Monastery being the key attractions.

2. Loleygaon


A few meters below Lava is yet another scenic beauty named Loleygaon. It is small Lepcha village with a population of 5000. Loleygaon is one of the perfect places to see the sunrise. It is a 4 hour drive from Siliguri and lies towards the end of the Himalayan RIdge. Key sites of attraction are Canopy walk, Dhara sunrise point and Loleygaon view point.

3. Kalimpongcanopy-walk-lolegaon-kalimpong-dooars-denzong-leisure

Not very unknown to the Bengalis but quite unknown to the rest of India. This place whose literal meaning is “The Land of Kings” is quite royal to look at. It once served as a trade post between India and Tibet due to which the houses and food habits are influenced greatly by Tibet. It is a huge hill-station with many points of attraction such as the clock tower, Deolo resort, Himalayan view point and many more. Situated in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, it is quite populated and has balanced sex ratio and good economic status. Don’t miss out on the oranges and ginger plantation that’s abundant there.

 4. Dooarsboxa

The dooars are on the foothills of Eastern Himalayas and doing justice to the name, it serves as a gateway to Bhutan. Consisting of mainly tribal people, this place is famous mainly for tea plantations and dense forests. A number of rivers and tributaries flow in and around the place making it suitable for flora and fauna. There are a number of famous places to visit here. One can easily spend a week in the dooars going to Buxa Fort, see Rhinos and Bison in Gorumara National park, and sit aroud the Teestha Barrage. For the lovers of nature, these jungles are next to heaven.

 5. Rishoprishop

If you happen to have a day extra on your North Bengal tour and you don’t know what to do with it then Rishop is the solution. Just 4 KM uphill from the hills of Lava is this place of scenic beauty. This is small place and best way to get there is trekking from Lava. This is mostly a day’s tour where you can see most of it by roaming around. The dense forest on the route to Tiffindara 360 degree view point and the view of Sunrise is the key attractions that one should not miss.