TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cinemas Around The World.

Amazing Cinema Halls Of The World

Single screen cinemas in India facing critical situation but in other parts of the world these cinemas are still creating the buzz by their lavish environment and design which even can beat a mall or multiplex comfort. In some of these cinemas it provide chairs like bath tub or some cinema you can have luxury of expansive sofas. Let’s enjoy this lavish journey here knowing how these provide this comfort.

1. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, Orlando, America


People looks like riding luxury cars under the open sky in this theatre while watching movie.

2. Olympia Theatre , Greece


Viewer in this theatre gets the chance to lay down on posh beds while watching movie. Two persons can lay down on the bed once.

3. Hot tube Cinema, London


Bathing in Bath tubs gives a ravishing experience in big hall in front of big screen which can be enjoyed here.

4. Souliou Theatre, Paris


People can have fun of feeling boating while they are even enjoying movie in a pleasant environment of a theatre. These all is possible in this splendid cinema hall.

5. Electric Cinema, London


A cinema hall has its biggest advantage in its lighting effect and what if a cinema is just famous because of its lighting effects. Hearing such thing can make you ready to visit this cinema hall once.

6. Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City


This is basically known for its colorful environment which is spread around the hall.

7. Orinda theatre, California


Walls are the point to have look which is the usp of this cinema hall because of its art created on it.

8. Orange cinema club, Beijing



In this cinema feeling of royal treat can be enjoyed as it gives a feel of having luxurious dinner with taste of cinema.

9. Grow man Chinese theatre, los Angeles


The cinema hall is popular because of its glyph on the wall. As it not only looks like a big reception of a grand hotel but also gives a feel of a historical palace.

10. The paramount theatre, California


The royal look doubles because of balcony of this theatre which closes the viewer to the big screen while below balcony viewer can enjoy the design created on the walls of the balcony

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TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cinemas Around The World.

Amazing Cinema Halls Of The World

Single screen cinemas in India facing critical situation...

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