Top 14 Facts You May Not Know About Bill Gates

1. If Bill Gates was a country he would be the #63 richest on earth.

2. Bill Gates‘ children will only inherit US$10 million each, out of his US$72 billion net worth.

3. Bill Gates aimed to become a millionaire by the age of 30. However, he became a billionaire at 31.

4. Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in 1977 for jumping a red light and driving without a licence.

5. In 2004, Bill Gates predicted that the problem of spam email would be gone with in two years.

6. 6 million lives were saved by Bill Gates with vaccines and better healthcare.


7. Bill Gates continued to fly coach until 1997, when his net worth was already US$36 billion.

8. Bill Gates‘ SAT score was 1590 out of 1600.

9. 28 billion dollars were donated by Bill Gates so far.

10. Bill Gates pays over US$1 million per year in property taxes for his house.

11. According to Bill Gates, by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.

12. At a spending rate of $1 million a day, it would take Bill Gates 218 years to spend all his money.

13. The only thing left on Bill Gates‘ bucket list is not to die.

14. Bill Gates Sponsors a Machine That Turns Poop Into Drinking Water.