Top 10 Man made Mistakes

Top 10 Man made Mistakes

Have you heard this idioms “Human is to error”. It means mistake is only done my human. But someone time this kind of mistakes is quite funny and that can make you laugh. In this article, we will look at a blend of various sorts of mistakes of persons which is quite comedic. Due to few mistakes of persons, the advertisement of their business gets interesting for everyone.


  1. Sir taught me English LANGVAGE.

What happen when your English Professor teaches you “NOLAGE” is the right spelling of Knowledge? Yes, we can imagine that this could be happen on the above picture. This picture is clicked from Pakistan; in this picture we can see the hoarding of English Language Coaching, by mistake it has been printed “LANGVAGE” instead of “LANGUAGE”.

  1. I Love my DAUTER!

Just imagine what happen when citizen of USA and UK does a mistake in spelling of any English word. Right happen in right here in this picture. Here a foreigner parents express his feelings toward their daughter but they have written wrong spelling of Daughter. We can say that don’t emphasize the word just understand feelings.


  1. We serve you SNAKES instead of SNACKS.

In this picture sweets and snacks shopkeeper did a mistake, they printed Snakes instead of Snacks on their business advertisement hoarding. So, do not scare with this hoardings they will not really serves snakes it was just printing mistakes.


  1. Is it LADIES washroom or GENTS washroom?

Here we all a confused that is it Ladies toilet or Gents toilet. Some people also imagine that may be this toilet can be used by both ladies and gents. Now this toilet banner becomes a part of joke. But let me tell you that it was just a mistake which has been done by their maker.


  1. RAJ beds DEEPIKA


    Here meaning of this picture is Raj Beds (Bistar) Deepika. Yes it is quite funny but intentionally they want to write Raj weds Deepika.


  1. When Breakfast LAUNCH Dinner?

What happen when Breakfast launch a Dinner? You are thinking that how it is possible but in this picture it has been possible. By mistake they printed “LAUNCH” instead of “LUNCH”, so by this mistake its meaning also get change.


  1. PAST food!

Past food stall is also running on the street of our country. Do not take it literally, intentionally they want to write FAST FOOD but by mistake they have written PAST FOOD.


  1. Toilet and Cum Bath.

Do not take this picture literally here this picture telling you about the washroom where we can go for loo, and have bath.



Dirinking water instead of Drinking water. Do not emphasize words just understand feeling of this picture.


  1. Where should we go?

Which is the right direction of KOTTAYAM? But in this picture all three direction leads to same place in different sort of distance.