10 Maharashtrian dishes one shouldn’t miss

Top 10 Maharastrian dishes –

Maharashtra is house of different cultures. And witg culture comes the food. Here are different dishes originated from Maharashtra one should never miss.

1.Puranpoli –

The evergreen sweet that maharashtrian people die for.


2. White and red rassa –

The dish belongs to Kolhapur and is feast for non vegetarian people.

Proper kolhapuri lunch

Proper kolhapuri lunch

3. Vadapaw –

Comparatively newer than previous dishes, vadapaw is heart of mumbai.

Mumbai vadapaw the best

Mumbai vadapaw the best

4. Hurda –

The dish famous in vidharbha regoin, is a roadside treat for travellers. Its made by frying fresh jowar grains.


5. Bharit and Bhakari –

The chapati like roasted rounds made from floor of rice or jowar or nachni grains is eaten with a dish prepared by using bringles is a specialty of marathwada region.


6. Aamras –

Mango juice is part of dessert in Maharashtrian food many a times.



7. Modaks –

That’s  a sweet dish made mainly during ganapati festival. It’s prepared by using coconut and rice floor.


8. Misal –

The spicy dish belonging to pune is famous everywhere.


9. Kombadi wade –

The dish famous is south konkan consists of small fried wadas made of flour and spicy chicken.


10. Shreekhand –

This is the must sweet for special occasions and festivals in Maharashtra.


So visit Maharashtra once and have a taste of our food.