Top 10 horror movies with a caution “Don’t Watch Alone”

Everyone likes to watch horror movies. But there are some movies which week hearted people cannot dream to watch alone. Deserted and scary places, strange and weird phenomenon and terrifying screams are too much to handle.

1. The Exorcist1 No discussion about horror movies is complete without mentioning the name of the movie “The Exorcist“. Even though this movie was made 41 years ago it has the capability to give goose bumps to its watchers even today. It is about a girl named Regan and her imaginary friend who turns into a devil later. Father Merin is called then to deal with her.

 2. The Conjouring2

Dont watch night show of this movie :

Bollywood director-producer Ram Gopal Verma is known for making horror movies. Once he made a claim for one of his movies that no one could watch night show of the movie completely alone. These kind of claims are not only heard in bollywood but are heard in hollywood as well. Realeased in 2013 the American movie ” The Conjouring” is not an common horror movie. Only an extraordinary man with a lot of guts can watch its night show all alone. In this movie Roger and Carolin move to their farmhouse with their  5 daughters. It is only then  when a chain of strange events begins…

3. The Challenging


Its dangerous to be alone at home :

Sometimes we live alone in our homes. There are many people who prefer to live alone. Such people may change this preference of theirs after watching the movie “The Challenging. In this movie a man named “George” loses his family in an accident. After that he moves into a mansion where he starts living alone. There he is surrounded by strange events…

4. Paranormal Activity


When weird events start bothering you :

Have you ever been bothered by strange events. Have you ever felt that whatever you hear or see is not normal.  Yes , it can happen to you if you have seen this movie. The name of this horror movie is “Paranormal Activity“. It is a story of a young couple and it shoes strange events that take place at their home. This couple sets up a camera in their home to investigate the truth behind these strange events….

5. Evil Dead


It will not be easy for you to plan a trip with your friends :

Hollywood film maker Fade Alvarez has claimed that this movie is the best horror movie of all times. In this movie “Evil Dead” 5 friends go to stay in a forest cabin. It was there only where ghosts spot them and the chain deaths starts….

6. The Shining


You will get too frightened to go to a hotel:

The movie “The Shining” is based upon a novel by Stephen King. In this movie a man named Jack gets a caretaking job in a hotel. He moves into the hotel with his wife and son where strange incidences start occurring. Jack gets affected by the devil to such an extent that he tries to kill his own wife and son.

 7. Contracted


Samantha will give you goose bumps:

Contracted” is the story of a girl named “Samantha”. She gets raped by a stranger in a party. She begins to show weird symptoms from the next day. Samantha is seen struggling to hide the harassment she has gone through. Her condition gets too bad to see in the course of the movie….

8. The Grudge


It is impossible to escape from this Grudge:

A grudge doesn’t leave anyone easily. It sticks to the life. This has been depicted in the 2004 movie “The Grudge“. It is a remake of a Japanese movie. In this movie a man gets upset when he comes to know that his wife has been unfaithful to him and kills her and his son. He kills himself as well. It was then only when this grudge began. People who came to dwell in their house are killed by the ghosts. These ghosts did not leave them even after leaving the house and killed them ultimately. Two more sequels were released later on ….

9. Halloween



You will start fearing the Halloween part after watching this movie :

Halloween party is a custom in the west. But you will start fearing it after watching this movie. In this movie Jamie lee Cartis is portrayed as a baby sitter who gets very frightened by phsycho killer Michael Mayers.  Many more movies have been made on this topic …

10. The Omen


Your opinion about Royal Families would change after watching this movie :

In this movie a devil’s son is given to a happy royal and political family. His game of death and destruction begins when he grows up. He wants to rule the world and finishes anyone who comes in his way…