Top 10 Awkward Names Pictures


Awkward names in India

Our India is the country which shocks you at every point of time. History is full of strange objects, people and ideas that will make you laugh. In this article, we will examine a combination of different kind of name of persons and their business titles and their professions also.

Some of the matters in this article are more surprising than comedic, but hopefully something will make you smile.



1. Most Shocking Short form of an Institute On the street of Tamilnadu in India an Institute is running. Its sounds normal, but most shocking thing is that its short form is ‘TATTI’. The acronym of ‘TATTI’ stands for Tamilnadu Advanced Technical Training Institute.


2. Surprising Name of Doctor. You have heard the name of many Doctors in your life but you haven’t heard this name which is mention in the above picture. Yes this is surprising surname of Doctor.


3. One More Shocking Surname of Doctor.

This picture is also make you laugh. In this picture Doctor’s surname is sounds like in an abusing manner in our mother tongue. But he is an Eye specialist and surgeon.


4. What is in the name? Have you heard this Quote from the famous Writer and philosopher Shakespeare “What is in the name?”. This has been proved by this person whose name is Bihari Lund, as you know that what his surname means in our local language. You can know about him from the above picture.


5. Stinky title of Restaurant.


Yes it is stinky name of restaurant but it is pure vegetarian restaurant. Its title is Potty’s Restaurant as everyone knows the meaning of potty. But do not take it as it name, it is well maintained pure vegetarian restaurant for Indians.

6. Shocking name of Railway station.



Most shocking name of railway station which name is “Loda- Junction. This really exists in our country.

7. Awkward name of place.


Our India is the place of most unusual thing and object. This is also the shocking name of place which name is “Chutad Teka”. In our mother tongue its mean is little bit abusive.

8. Insulting name of Architects planners.


Do not thing we are abusing to this person, but fact is surname of this person is abusive. The name of this person is Ravindra Banchhod; he is Architects planner and Interior designer.

9. Non-veg name of Non-vegetarian Restaurant.


This name of Indian restaurant amazes you with their title. This serves you Indian cuisine to the Indian customer. This restaurant name is “Vagina Tandoori”. We absolutely know the meaning of this name, but it’s quite funny too.


10. Most Abusive name of person. This is the person whose name is “Madar Chod Payare”, its sounds shocking. He is the citizen of our country. We are damn sure his name is make you laugh.