Thousands Of Skeletons Have Been Found Under The Street Of London, SHOCKING!

During the construction of the Crossrail station at Liverpool Street, around 3,000 skeletons were discovered in a former burial pit in the grounds of Bedlam hospital. Archaeologists have now started excavating them. The discovery is being hailed as one of the most valuable burial sites in London.

A team of 60 archaeologists works in shifts, six days a week, to remove the skeletons and carefully record any evidence.


The burial site was used from 1569 to at least 1738 and includes bodies belonging to victims of the plague.


Niamh Carty, a osteo-archaeologist working on the site said,

The age, sex and stature of the people buried in the site will be investigated.It’s a kind of act of remembrance in a way, that their mortal remains are giving us information.

The burial site was used from 1569 to at least 1738 and includes bodies belonging to victims of the plague.


The burial ground, called the Bedlam burial ground, was in active use as a cemetery from 1569 to the late 1730s. The people buried here lived through the English Civil War, the time of Shakespeare, the Great Fire of London, and several outbreaks of the Black Plague. It includes the remains of those who perished in London’s last confrontation with the Plague in 1665.

The skeletons will be excavated over the next four weeks, after which archaeologists will dig through medieval marsh deposits and Roman remains.


The thousands of skeletons come from varying time periods and backgrounds. One of the skeletons they found is that of Ambrose Nicholas, the Lord Mayor of London in 1575. Researchers are also putting together a list of everyone who was buried here.

Crossrail is one of London’s largest backers of archaeological digs, and has helped find more than 10,000 artifacts spanning the last 55 million years—all in London alone.

Tom Lawson

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