13 Superstitions Cricketers Believes In

You may have known about religious superstition, however this exists in cricket as well, everybody hold their own superstition!

From the divine force of cricket Sachin Tendulkar to the up coming star of cricket Kohli, everybody is limited by their kind of superstitions.

Wearing and playing with the same shirt number, wearing the same glove in all the matches, conveying same handkerchief at the season of matches, playing the entire arrangement with the same bat, and some more, come how about we watch this now!

1. Jayawardene and his Favorite Bat – His Best Companion

Mahela Jayawardene Sri Lanka’s one of the Leading Run Scorer has his bat as the best partner at the matches, or now we can say it ‘a superstition’!


Gentlemen c’mon notice this in his matches, in the wake of coming to a point in his match, he kisses his bat, and this is been done on numerous events by him!

2. Virat Kohli and his Lucky Pair of Gloves-Virat Luck In Hands


Before all else of Virat’s profession, he used to wear the same pair of gloves with which he began playing great, this was the suppositions of Virat itself!

3. Steve Waugh and his Pink Handkerchief – Best Buddies

It astounding to know this for all the cricket beaus and fans!


Steve Waugh, who is among one of the best captains of the cricket, he used to convey a Pink/Red Handkerchief which was given by his grandma to him. Steve consider this to be fortunate fo him!

4. Lasith Malinga and Kissing the Ball – Luck Kisser!

Can you trust this? Malinga’s fortunes is in his kissing balls, he truly do this fellow, and you have seen it as well! this is the concealed purpose for his kissing balls!


At the point when Malinga begins off his keep running up, first he kisses the balls and after that take the runups, he kisses each ball he Bowls at T20,Test or an ODI.

5. Jayasuriya and his Helmet Adjustment – Luck Adjusting!

Acclaimed Sri Lankan cricketer, Sanath Jayasuriya, he used to make alterations with his Helmet, Pads, Gloves before confronting Every Ball.


You never realize what may get to be fortunate for you at the time, we regard his alterations!

6. Kumble and Sachin Magic – ‘Yaaron da Luck’!

We all understand that Anil Kumble is the second individual to assert each one of the 10 Wickets in an Innings. In the midst of that match versus Pakistan, Anil Kumble always picked a Wicket at whatever point he gave his Sweater and Cap to Sachin Tendulkar and a short time later went to Bowling.


We all know the best execution of these two, they simply made a flawless match dependably, all over the place, everytime!


7. Mohinder Amarnath and his Lucky Handkerchief – Flying Handkerchief Luck!

The key part was played by the Mohinder Amarnath in winning 1983 World Cup for India. on the off chance that you have seen, or do it now fellows, he used to convey a Red Kerchief in his Pocket all through his vocation when he was Fielding in the matches he played!


Goodness! Mohinder, you used to convey your fortunes in your pocket!


8. Dada and Photo of his Guruji -Dada With Guruji’s Magic!

All of you may not be knowing this, and it’s astonishing to know this, “dada” as Saurav Ganguly use to convey his “Guruji”s” photograph in his pocket while playing the matches! be it an ODI or a Test Match or World container!


We all know the best execution of these two, they simply made an impeccable match dependably, all over the place, everytime!

Dada constantly shook the pitch, welcome to his guruji, he shakes the Indian Matches!

9. Rahul Dravid and No New Bat Before a Series – Lucky With Magic Bat!

The Greatest Test Batsman In The Worldalso known as “The Wall”, Rahul Dravid, lives with his own particular guidelines of not attempting a New Bat before the begin of the arrangement, and the astonishing thing to think about him is, he generally use to wear his Right Thigh Pad First before hitting a homerun!


His fortunes doesn’t end here itself, he even wears a dark string on his wrist dependably! c’mon fellows notice in his matches now!

10. Sachin Tendulkar and his Left Pad First Rule – Lucky Left Pad Man!

Who is not the fanatic of Sachin Tendulkar? the majority of the individuals among his fans, obviously have the learning that Sachin Tendulkar Believes that wearing his Left Pad before Right Pad brings him Luck. He Followed this all through his Career.


It’s great to continue something with you to trust that you are bolstered by your whatever fortunate’s foot you convey! it’s conspicuous a non-living thing however a little thing can again shoot up your certainty level up!

He moreover used his Favorite Bat with which he Scored First ODI Double Hundred in 2011 World Cup. He got it Repaired before using it as a piece of the World Cup.

11. MSD and his Lucky Jersey No.7 – Lucky Jersy Man no.7


Come we should wager here! MS Dhoni who was conceived on seventh July, he trusts that it is his fortunate number, MS Dhoni is dependably seen playing with the pullover no. 7. it’s stunning to the way that he wears it deliberately, this is his fortunate no.7.


12. Azharuddin & his Black tabeez-Wearing Luck In His Neck!

Mohammad Azharuddin one of the India’s Best Captain used play with his Black Tabeez which used to held tight his Jersey. It was considered to bring him Good Luck.


Whatever individuals say to this, a superstition or anything, what you have faith in, wakes up, we put stock in God, nobody have ever seen him, it’s our conviction on him, that he exists! same is with every one of the cricketers, they accept and they make it too through these thing.

13. Yuvraj Singh and his 12 No. Jersey – Lucky Jersy 12!

Yuvraj Singh, the Man of the vast majority of the matches, he is a sixer lord, was conceived on December twelfth, it’s great that he trusts 12 as his fortunate and Favorite Number, in this way, you will dependably see him playing in number 12 pullover!


His fortunes doesn’t end here itself, he even wears a dark string on his wrist dependably! c’mon gentlemen notice in his matches now!