Stop Checking Your Phone Before Bed, Or Else You Will Become Like This!

It’s been proved that the blue light from personal electronic devices while sleeping has also been linked to serious physical and mental health problems. Blue light is a part of the day time also but the blue light comes from the electronic devices may be damaging your vision.

When your melatonin levels and sleep cycle go haywire, your risk goes up for a wide range of ailments, from depression to cancer.

Here are some facts why it is not recommended to use mobile phones while sleeping.

  • Exposure to blue light at night can ruin sleep.
  • There is also be a link between cataracts and blue light.
  • Sleep disturbance and “light at night” have been linked to higher cancer risk, particularly for breast and prostate cancers.
  • Blue light may also take a toll on mental health.

We can’t avoid smartphones, computers, and tablets all the time. But we should try to limit our exposure at night. Sometimes, wearing amber glasses that block blue light or using apps that limit the amount of blue light coming from our screens may help.

Taking breaks from screen time is a good idea too – especially right before and in bed.