Sonam Kapoor’s diamond necklace gets stolen!

Probably the most glamed-up actress of Bollywood has lost one of her diamond necklaces. Sonam Kapoor has lodged a complaint with the police at Juhu police station.

Her complain says that she had worn the necklace to a party and had kept it back in the drawer after coming back. She got worried next morning when she was not able to find in its place. The necklace was worth 5 lakhs which was part of the many other jewelry given to her by a renowned jeweler for endorsement. It was when the representative came to collect is when she realized about the missing necklace.

A look of the necklace


The police have started taking action. They were reported saying that they are looking into all possible angles to the story. They will be checking the CCTV footage of the party to see if she wore it back home or may be dropped it. They are also asking the domestic helps.