Sonam calls Ashoke Pandit a “Homophobic Mysoginistic loser”

 Sonam Kapoor Reacts To AIB Roast –

Sonam Kapoor AIB Roast

Sonam kapoor who wasn’t commenting on the AIB roast episode earlier, tweeted, “Ashoke Pandit comes across as a homophobic mysoginistic loser. Are we really trying to curb freedon of speech and expression.”

When she was asked earlier to comment, she said, “I will watch the full episode and then comment. After all it’s my brother.” Both the people who were the main guests of the show are family to sonam. Arjun Kapoor is Sonam’s cousin as is already well known and Ranveer Singh is also a relative from her mother’s side, which is less known to many.

During the roast, sonam was also indirectly insulted once when the AIB member told Arjun Kapoor that it takes special talent to be this useless in a family which has Sanjay Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. Anil Kapoor wasn’t much amused by the joke but Sanjay Kapoor who was sitting right infront bowed when he was commented upon. Many other bollywood actors have also shown their support to the AIB campaign.