Some brainy facts about exercising.

Facts about exercising –

All of us are well aware of the physical benefits of exercising. Exercising or doing some sort of physical activity daily has numerous physical advantages which include prevention of diseases like asthma and obesity, arthritis. The sweat helps clearing your skin and you look better when you workout. Moreover, it helps in maintaining weight, toning up and keeps you more active. Apart from these physical improvements in one’s body, working out also cause a lot of mental affects which are positive in every case.

1. It’s a well known fact that physical fitness increases self-esteem of an individual and thus working out increases your self-confidence.

2. Chemicals released in brain during workout are better at calming anxiety than a bubble bath.


3. Exercising increases level of the chemical norepinephrine in our brain which results in reduced stress.

4.The kinds of endorphins which are released during workout are responsible for happiness and euphoric feelings.

5. Studies also prove that working out increases the level of BDNF protein in brain which is responsible for boosting brainpower.


6. Exercising also improves focus of a person and helps you  concentrate more thus resulting in an increase in focus and concentration power.

7. There has been a new research which shows that running improves the vocabulary retention power of brain.

8.Working out also releases dopamine, a chemical which is released after any sort of pleasurable indulgence and by this method, exercising even keeps your bad addictions at bay.

So, go ahead and get that bum moving.