Microdave, the microhorse of 18 inches

Smallest Horse Of UK –

Have you seen a horse similar to the size of a dog? Such horses often do not appear on the streets. So, today we tell you about a horse in UK whose length is equal to a dog. The horse’s name is Microdave, which is the UK’s smallest horse. Its length is only 18 inches. The horse could not take part in national and international racing, but its people comes to see him running.



Microdave owner Jane Baldwin said I am surprised by the length of the horse who aged 40 days. I’m not sure that the horse is going to be so small. Jane said, microdave is been very popular among the locals. Every day people come to see him in large numbers. Microdave was born on June 11.

Jane says that Microdave looks very cute and sweet while he runs around his mother Hashden. Jane’s Husband gave Hashden mother of microdave as a gift. Microdave is the smallest horse in the UK, but what about the world’s smallest horse, Thumbelina from United States . Its length is only 17 inches.

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Smallest horse of the world – Thumbelina