Six summer drinks to beat the heat

Summer is approaching, in fact, in some parts of the country it as arrived. Though we all have our own of way dealing with the pros and cons of summer, we are here to help out in beating the heat. Here, we bring to you twelve refreshing summer drinks which we will make you summer happier and colder

1. Aam panna –

As the name conveys, aam panna is made of green mangoes and has a green color (obviously). It is known for its heat resistant properties and it’s very easy to make at home. If not, you can get it at every thela of your galli.


2. Jaljeera –

Jaljeera is basically Indian form of Lemonade. This is in essence, made up on jeera powder (cumin seeds), lemon, salt and some sugar. It is as easy to make this drink as it is to consume it. It is also known to soothe your stomach.


3. Mango Lassi –

Mango is known to be the king of fruits and thus, most of the summer drinks which include mango. Mango lassi is a combination of curd whipped in water, mango pulp and sugar.

mango lassi

4. Thandai –

Thandai is one of the best summer drinks as it made of cold milk and sugar and almonds. Everything else is according to your own priorities. A glass of thandai can fill you up for the entire day as it involves nuts and milk (both of which are very nutritious).


5. Rooh afza –

As posh as the name sounds, rooh afza is a child’s play to make. It’s basically a rose scented syrup which is made with fruits and herbs. It comes in a bottle and you just need to mix cold water with a capful. And you have a beautifully refreshing summer drink in hand.


6. Buttermilk –

Buttermilk is basically whipped curd with a lot of water, salt, cumin powder and coriander. Actually, it can be flavored with anything, according to one’s whims and fancies and its also available in different types at every small and big shop in the whole of India.

Get cooled.

2014.09.03 Chaas-Mildly Spiced Buttermilk