Beautiful Pics Of Airtel 4G Girl Shasha Chettri

Airtel 4G Girl Profile, Shasha Chettri Beautiful Pictures

Shasha Chettri known as the Airtel 4G Girl, got to be prevalent from her Airtel ad and social networking prominence. In spite of the fact that she may irritate you now but, In a short period of time, left her remark, favored on the young and got far reaching notoriety on social media.

Airtel dependably search for crisp appearances to be included for their ads. Sasha’s choice for 4G promotion was a fortunes for her. She moved on from XIC, Mumbai and started as a student marketing specialist.

Airtel 4G Girl Pics

Later she understood that it was something that she wasn’t searching for and got into singing yet turning into a model was dependably a fantasy for her. She sent her photos to numerous ad organizations and later got a call from Taproot Dentsu, originator of Taproot India Ad office who was trying out for Airtel 4G promotion. Subsequent to trying out she was chosen to be highlighted in Airtel promotions and rest is the history.

We’ve arranged beautiful,cute and some smoking hot pictures of Sasha chettri and some of them can be scarcely perceived.

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