Shah Rukh Khan’s Thoughts Over 100, 200, 300 Crore Clubs



Shah Rukh Khan’s Thoughts Over 100 200 300 Crore Clubs:


100 crore club is old fashioned, 200 crore club is in trend and 300 crore club is desired. As 2014 came to the end, just two movies have the figures of 200 crore mark – Kick and Happy New Year. Presently with Aamir Khan set to bring his P.k. next Friday, the level headed discussion is now on around whether the film would figure out how to cross the 300 crore mark.

Then again, Shah Rukh Khan accepts that the greater part of this is simply vain, particularly in terms of focusing on a specific number. In any event with regards to his own movies, Shah Rukh demands that he doesn’t set any number at the top of the priority list while pursuing a focus like 200 crore, 300 crore or pas.

If I were to tell you honestly, which one of us has seen 300-400-500 crore in real life? I have not seen even 100 crore. This whole 500-1000-1200 crore is an enticing space to write figures that ‘wow, 200 crore ho gaya, 250 crore ho gaya’. I think this is the most wrong thing that has started in our industry.

In fact I would like the most number of people to watch my film, that’s how I think it should be. I don’t think of it this way that agar 200 crore karne hain to itne log picture mein aane chahiye taaki yeh target poora ho jaaye. To think of 100-300-500 crore is a stupid way to do business. It should be rather this way that ‘last time I managed to make 100 people see my film so this time let me create something that 120 people see’. Collections would come in automatically.

Well said SRK, we do agree with your views for sure!


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Shah Rukh Khan’s Thoughts Over 100, 200, 300 Crore Clubs

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