Secrets hidden in sweet lemon, beneficial for indigestion and many diseases

In South-East Asia sweet lemon is the most consumed fruit during summer. People drinks its juice rather then eating it. This green colored Sour-sweet flavor fruit appears yellow when ripe. It seems like quite a few lemons and oranges. How many of us know all the properties of sweet lemons, lets know the hidden features for the good health ….


Benefits of Sweet lemons –

  • Beneficial to digestion –

Quantity of Flevonoids is plentiful in sweet lemon which helps in the digestion of any kind of food, therefore it is recommended to drink sweet lime juice during the problems like indigestion, gas and colic. The juice drink causes to raise stomach digesting enzymes that are necessary for digestion of waste to drain out toxins. The sour-sweet Taste of which also prevents vomiting, diarrhea etc.

  • Provides relief from constipation –

Sweet lemon’s acid extracts drains out the harmful substances out of the body, and the fibers present in it provides relief to the person suffering from constipation. Mix a little amount of salt in the juice and get relief form constipation.

  • Holds Immune System –

Daily consumption of sweet lime juice holds the immune system correctly. Reduce the risk of heart disease. Blood circulation as well as maintains the right to amount of vitamin C in the body which helps fight infections such as colds and coughs.

  • Prevents scurvy-

Scurvy is a disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. Which causes inflammation of the gums. Turns out the blood And blisters in the mouth, lips, there are such problems as the bursts. Just a few days after having consistently sweet lime juice gets rid of these problems. The juice is beneficial to drink with a little water and black salt. Even after drinking, it brings down the bad smell from the mouth.

Benefits to the hair –

Because of the many benefits of sweet lime companies are beginning to use it in cosmetics.

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial –

Presence of both of these things in sweet lime in significant amounts is quite beneficial for the hair. You can drink the juice to brighten the hair. It also makes hair strong.

  • Finishes Dandruff –

Using sweet lime juice can eliminate the problem of dandruff in the hair. There are many types of elements in the juice to prevent Dandruff, more over it also makes hair long and dense.

  • Get rid of Split Hair problems –

Dust, pollution and changing weather is a problem with almost everyone which can be said the reason for damaged hair or splited hairs, but it can prevented by a little cautious. One should drink its juice before or after dinner or at any time once a day to prevent split ends.

Makes Skin Glowing –

Well, it is very rewarding to drink the juice, but the juice can be mixed with gram flour to make a paste which can be applied on the face twice a week for 15 – 20 minutes. . After drying, wash it with cold water. Twice a week by doing so the impact can be seen in a few days.

Other Benefits –

prevents scurvy, holds immune system, is antiseptic and antibacterial, dandruff is finished, rid of problem of hair like split ends, Anti-Aging works, eliminates darkness lips, brings skin glow.