Science behind Meditation

Meditation is an ancient form that has been practiced in India since thousand years. It can also be defined as the art of mindfulness or focussed attention. It yields useful health results. The art of concentration and soothing of mind and soul is achieved with the help of meditation.


Focussing on a particular thought or mantra:

The science behind meditation is simple. In order to tame the ever wandering mind, one has to focus his or her attention on a particular thought or chant any mantra. While doing this you have to concentrate on your breathe and the process of inhaling and exhaling. If an unwanted thought arrives, you must divert your focus on the thought used for meditation. The continuous repetition deviate the cells on responding to the stimulus of focusing on the mantra. Initially you will find it difficult, but with time and practice you can excel in the art of focusing your mind and in turn yield lots of benefits.

Scientific research on the fruits of meditation:

Various scientists are studying monks and saints in order to discover the science behind the art of meditation as well as the fruits achieved by it. Research has proved that meditation reinforces the connection between the brain cells and thus helps in the strengthening of the brain. People who meditate regularly have been found with higher levels of gratification which helps the brain to process information faster. Meditation not only helps I the physical development of the brain but also helps in positive emotional balance, immunity and cognitive responses.

Thus meditation is a divine exercise which will help you to achieve physical as well as mental health and change your life for better.