Sarah-Jane Dias to release her first single “Forgot to be me”

Former Miss India world and actress Sarah Jane is going to release her first single, “Forgot to be me” today,i.e., 12th february. She had always been shy about her singing and never performed in public but she hopes to make it big with her first song.


Sarah said, “I have been writing music for a long time nowand last year i decided that its time to do something now. I had the resources and it felt just right”. The song focuses on heartbreak and will premiere on MTV Indies. She said that Jazz, soul and R&B are her favourite genres. She feels that her music is very soulful as it reflects what she was going through when she wrote it. The video of the song has also been directed by her. It is a monochrome video set in a coffee shop. She said that coffee shops are favourite place and since the song was written in a similar background, she decided to make the video around it.