Review: Ungli, Mindless As Titel

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Ungli Movie Poster

Release Date: 28th November 2014
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Sanjay Dutt, Randeep Hooda, Neil Bhoopalam, Angad Bedi, Kangana Ranaut, Neha Dhupia
Directed by: Rensil D’Silva
Music: Salim-Sulaiman, Sachin-Jigar, Gulraj Singh, Aslam keyi
Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

So lets decide weather to watch “Ungli” or not, Here is our review of the movie

Ungli Movie Review:

The gang of four – a medicinal assistant (Kangana Ranaut), a TV journalist (Randeep Hooda), a machine engineer (Neil Bhoopalam) and an engine technician (Angad Bedi) – draw off brave acts and the media joyfully slurps up their pop heroism.

At the appropriate time course, they are joined by a maverick policeman (Emraan Hashmi), who has been tossed out of the city’s bomb squad and reserved into the mission to seize the Ungli gang.

There is obviously a back story to the foursome’s choice to take the law into their hands. Anyhow, such as everything else here, it is genuinely needing in validity and profundity.

Whatever remains of the film conveys a ton of foolishness around a bargained police force and the mounting dissatisfaction of ordinary flok who must stay inside the restrictions the law actually when they realize that the rich and compelling can curve the guidelines without restraint.

With a run-time of under two hours, Ungli is not a long film. Yet that does not make it any less demanding to sit through.

What’s Good: Ungli definitely envisages some novel ideas which make this film a lot more different than those of its type. The witty one liners are the master strokes that make this overused plot crispy and fun to watch. The duration is just apt for sitting through.
What’s Bad: The film definitely has a number of loopholes that drop the pitch. The second half loses the pace and tends to get melodramatic. The love angles are hideous and unnecessary and so are the songs. The film stumbles upon on the direction and cinematography.

Final Words: Despite being a Karan Johan production, the film does not sell on the usual props of starry casting, elaborate sets or love stories. It is the wit of the movie that makes it unique and worth a watch. Ungli may not be a blockbuster but is definitely a one-time watch!

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars