PIKU Movie Quick Review, A Must Watch !

PIKU Review –

Director : Shoojit Sircar
Writer : Juhi Chaturvedi
Stars : Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan, Deepika Padukone, Moushumi Chatterjee
Release Date : 8th May 2015
Music : Anupam Roy
Duration : 2 hours 5 minutes


PIKU Movie Plot : The film piku is about a family of bengal, tossing light on retired sick father and his loving and caring daughter. Through good and bad times as circumstances come, they choose to seek after excursion to their home place with the company of irrfan khan.

PIKU Movie Review :

One of the best movie produced this year so far, Piku is an endearingly legit bit of work from the chief! Shoojit Sircar presents characters so customary, they’re heavenly, individuals and places personally interlaced, an auntie cured in hatred, vessels very nearly painted on a sheet-like Ganga. The film runs high on authenticity and straightforwardness, making you accept each and every strand of the story. The genuineness of this father-girl relationship will make you snicker, grin and cry in the meantime! Piku is an extremely uncommon film and a must watch!

Deepika Padukone has developed herself inside such a brief while is absolutely exemplary! With such huge hits consistently, she is having one whale of a ride in Bollywood.

Amitabh Bachchan has by and by demonstrated that there is no age limit for showcasing one’s abilities! He conveyed a hypnotizing execution by and by!

Irrfan Khan is a genuine ICON of the Indian Cinema! You can’t resist being confounded by the sort of truthfulness he puts in his work. His inch-immaculate execution holds the film together and makes you adore all of the casing.

Moushumi Chatterjee acquires great vitality in the film with her eccentric method for managing life.

What’s Good: For a film like this, relying on the great things is very much a troublesome undertaking as you don’t generally know where to start from! Piku just about appears like your own particular story. The sweet-severe relationship between the father and the little girl is sincerely retaining. Remarkable exhibitions by every performer enlarge the value of the film. The screenplay is praiseworthy as are the dialogs. Explaining an off-putting theme like obstruction in such a sensible way must be normal from a virtuoso like Shoojit Sircar!

What’s Bad: That’s impossible for a film like this! In any case, the music of the film could have been something more!

Final Verdict : Totally a nice movie, I would definitely recommend !!

Rating : 4/5 Stars