How To Use Paytm Without Internet, New Feature!


How To Use Paytm Without Internet

Post demonetization, individuals are moving to Paytm, in order to stay away from money exchanges. This e-wallet has to be sure ended up being to be a gift in such a circumstance, where there is serious money crunch. In the wake of helping us with all our everyday exchanges, Paytm has one more good news for you.

Presently, you needn’t bother with Internet connection or a smartphone for utilizing this e-wallet application. The organization has eased everybody by declaring that it has extended its range even to clients of featured phone i.e. mobile phones with no internet facility.


Paytm users can now get this service without internet data. The organization on Thursday declared a toll free number 180018001234 to empower shoppers and traders without internet access with pay and get cash in a flash and additionally rechange their phones.

How to use Paytm without internet?

  • For utilizing this service, both merchants and customers ought to use their mobile number for registering with Paytm. A 4-digit Paytm PIN ought to be set.
  • At that point, while transfering with one wallet onto the other, one simply needs to ring this toll free number 180018001234 and enter the enter the number of the recipient followed by the Paytm PIN.

At first, you require a smartphone for setting up your account with Paytm to utilize this. Remember that call ought to be made just with that number which has been registered with Paytm.

Starting now, it is not possible to create an account on feature phone having no internet access. For adding money to the wallet, user has to login to through the website or through the mobile application.