Lisa Haydon – KRK, One more controversy

KRK And Lisa Haydon’s Twitter Controversy –

Lisa Haydon And KRK in Controversy

That one person, which totally gets on our mind while talking about unnecessary controversies and nasty comments, is irreplaceably Kamaal R. Khan. Only recently, the controversial star took to Twitter and used unacceptable stuff to comment on Poonam Pandey. Initially too, he kick-started a war between himself and the very successful and appreciated actress, Sonakshi Sinha by mentioning the ‘butt’ comment.

Following all of this, here we have yet another controversy related to the leggy actress, Lisa Haydon. Lisa had put up a picture on Twitter for her darling fans, where she was seen hanging on a basketball loop.

Right after this, the controversy King decided to comment which read as, “Yar @HaydonLisa should I sit down n watch you?”

Well, obviously, Lisa got annoyed and gave a reply full of sarcasm, “I’ve been told it doesn’t get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife.”

Again, Kamaal had to give a reaction and thus said, “What the fuck @HaydonLisa You are asking ppl to watch you when you are hanging up somewhere. So I just asked whether I can sit n watch you.” He also added, “And please tell me @HaydonLisa did you post tat photograph so tat people will start doing your Pooja n Aarti after seeing tat?”

Added to this, the not-so-popular actor claimed that he’s a bigger star than her and asked her compare her fan following with his Twitter followers. He commented, “N one more thing @HaydonLisa just count your followers and my followers n you will know tat how big star I am. So talk to me with respect.”