Most Famous Indian Stone and Rock Sculptures

Most Famous Indian Stone and Rock Sculptures

Stone carving is old form. Rough natural stones were selected and shaping them to a desirable design is an art mastered by human beings in olden times. Now a day, we can easily see the art and designs in stone all over the world in temples and historic buildings. Sculptors have shown their skills in carving out immortal art of worldwide significance in the rocks, stones, and caves of India. UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the hope that these excellent creations will be preserved for future generations.
List of 10 most popular pieces of stone art in India.

1. The Kangra Fort, Himachal Pradesh

The one of the oldest forts in India is Kangra Fort. In 1905 this fort was devastated by an earthquake, but it stands as testimony to the architectural skills of the times. This fort includes richly engraved temples with idols embossed in their walls.

2. Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Jain temples are famous for extraordinary architectural design and stone carvings. Mount Abu is well-known Hill Station in Rajasthan. Just about 2.5km from this town is a Jain Temple built in the 11th to 13th centuries. The ceiling of this temple is exclusive and wonderful skills in stone carvings at that time.

3. Qutub Minar, Delhi


This World Heritage Site located in Delhi. It is the highest stone tower in India which was completed in 1052 CE. The 72.5-meter-high minaret with 379 steps is made of red sandstone and white marble.

4. Mahishasura Mardini Cave, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu state, have a number of cave temples where ancient art can be seen. Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamllapuram), two panels of sculpture on opposite walls are popular. The picture above is Goddess Durga with eight arms shown in the act of defeating Mahishasura, the demon-king.

5. Jami Masjid, Champaran, Gujarat


Jama Masjid at Champaran is about 47 km from Vadodra in Gujarat. The mosque constructed in 1513. The base of these tall minarets, speaks to the precision and colossal size of the stone work done at this Masjid. And specially with beautiful ceiling.

6. Hoysaleswara Temple, Halebid, Karnataka



Hoysaleswara is of the largest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in South India. It is well-known for awesome carvings. Brilliant sculptures about the architectural excellence of 1121 C. E. The numbers of these engraved stones (nearly 240 images of Gods) and their details are amazing.

7. Monolith Carvings at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

The story of Mahabalipuram does not end with Mardini Cave. This place a UNESCO World Heritage site which carvings on large rocks, done between the 7th and 9th centuries. All these carvings on stones and rocks at Mahabalipuram have attracted tourists for centuries.

8. Wall Carvings at Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha

The ruins of the Sun Temple at Konark, located in the coastal area of Orissa state, in the 13th century. The magnificence of carvings all around the temple made Rabindranath Tagore, the 1913 Nobel laureate in literature, say, “Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.”

9. Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra




This article would be incomplete if we did not mention the famous Ajanta Caves. The second-century rock caves were accidentally revived by a British officer in 1819 during a hunting trip is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sculpture is simple natural horseshoe-shaped rock wall having 30 caves. Each cave is like a room within the rock. These caves overlooking mainly show Buddhist religious history. The caves continue to attract tourists from all over the globe today also.

10. Akshardham, Delhi

The biggest Hindu temple in the world, with great stone carvings is Akshardham temple. The most recent of its kind, have opened in 2005. This monument is difficult to describe and is carved from pink sandstone and Italian marble. With 234 carved pillars, 9 domes, and 20,000 idols and statues, it exhibits the range of different architectural styles in India. Elephants in this monument, in the form of 148 life-sized statues weighing a total of 3000 tons.