Monsoon Season; Steps to follow to avoid diseases

Prevent Diseases During Monsoon Season –

It is a huge task to keep ourselves healthy monsoon season. By getting wet we remains prone to get many diseases like dengue, cold, fungal infections, abdominal typhus, malaria etc. These can be avoided by paying attention to from food to clothing, hygiene etc. And what precautions should be taken in this season, we will learn about them in this post.


Hepatitis and typhoid –

In Monsoon season many precautions should be taken while taking food, because this is the time which is most likely to spread diseases. To avoid this you have to avoid foods present on the open street. Make healthy food at home to keep yourself healthy for a long time in this season. Also, drink boiled water. Just by following these simple thing fungal infections, bacteria, etc. can be avoided.

Leptospirosis –

In monsoon at many of the places water is collected or blocked due to some reasons which is the best place for bacteria and other germs to originate. They causes variety of diseases and can make you ill, so precaution are needed to be followed. Must take bath after coming from anywhere during rainy season. Use an anti-bacterial soap. Additionally, the wet hair should be dried itself. Trying to solve them or to comb through the hair will make your hair weak which will start falling. Also do not wear wet socks and shoes for longer.

Cholera –

In monsoon season fresh and hot cooked food would be better, because it retains most Nutritious. Keep food well covered, so that it can be safe from external contamination as well as to protect it from flies and mosquitoes. Most outbreaks of diseases occur due Insects. Be sre to wash your hands hands with soap before eating and also wash them after eating. Eating stale food during this season is very harmful for health.

Malaria and dengue –

In the rainy season, most number of cases of malaria and dengue can be observed, and water logging is the biggest reason for it. Because it gives birth to the dengue and malaria spreading mosquitoes. Both of these diseases are dangerous. They causes shortage of blood, and even the patient’s death may occur. To avoid these mosquitoes many anti mosquito spray, lotion, and coils can be used.

Cough and cold –

The problem of cold-cough is common during rainy season. It is common to have cold by keeping your hairs wet for a long time and also by wearing wet cloths. So make sure to keep extra cloths and a pair of shocks in your bag before going out. Raincoat and umbrella can be used to avoid getting wet and also from cough and cold.

Abdominal infection –

You can also face the problem of stomach Infections in the monsoon season. Junk food not only harm your digestive system, but also can provide you with the problems like gas, acidity and can also cause constipation. To avoid this it would be beneficial to drink more water. Eat fresh food do not use the pre-cut vegetable or half cooked things as it may cause u constipation, also do not forget to wash your hand before eating