Model Exercising 4 Hours for Beauty and Fitness Competition

Bold and Beautiful Model Maggie Russell –

A model of Australia is exercising heavily these days for a Beautiful and attractive appearance. The model name is Maggie Russell. Maggie is very conscious about her health and beauty she is going to participate in Australia’s Gold Coast World beauty, fitness and fashion competition. Indeed, participating in the show it is compulsory to look beautiful along with a good and bodybuilder type of body.


20yrs Maggie is not consuming carbohydrate diets due to participation in the show, Maggie also exercises twice a day. Russell said that out of 7 days she lifts weight for 6 days and does cardio for the 7th day. However, 4 hours of exercises is too much, even though I do and so do take care of food. Maggie takes 1,100 calories a day, including protein and vegetables.

Maggie Shares her photos on her Instagram Account

Russell said photos of her while exercising are uploaded daily on Instagram, which is followed by her 14k Fans. Russell said after exercising twice a day she manages to take a sleep of about 8 hours daily because it is very must important to take rest for her beauty as well as helth.

Lets take a look at some of her Beautiful and hot Photos –