13 Reasons To Use Menstrual Cups Instead Of Sanitary Napkins

The most favored menstrual cleanliness item utilized as a part of India is the sanitary napkin. Eras of womens have been utilizing them throughout years. Decades back, it appeared like the best arrangement rather than cotton materials and why not – they are super absorbent, getting more slender consistently and can be simply discarded after use, consequently evacuating the need to clean it.

However, there’s something different on the square, one which is more secure, easier, and certainly more reasonable. Here are a couple reasons why you ought to dump utilizing sanitary napkins for menstrual cups.

#1. Tests done by associations demonstrate that sanitary napkins are comprised of plastics, synthetic strands, and petrochemical added substances.


#2. Traditional sanitary napkins is said to be comprised of a likeness 4 plastic bags. Interestingly, menstrual containers are comprised of medical grade silicone.

menstrual cup.

#3. Other plastic chemicals, similar to BPS and BPA, have been found to have joins with coronary illness, disease, and known disrupt embryonic advancement.


#4. Your vagina needs to inhale and fibers present in sanitary pads confine air flow, along these lines adding to the warmth and stickiness.


#5. The moist environment made by wearing sanitary pads encourages the development of microbes and yeast.


#6. Since menstrual glasses sit close to the cervix inside your private parts, they don’t make a damp harmful environment or bring about any rashes. Yes, NO RASHES!


#8. The synthetic which gives sanitary napkins that immaculate white shine is a fading specialist which can make dioxin, a harmful compound.


#10. A scientist likewise found that ordinary sanitary pads contain manufactured hues, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG) which would all be able to bring about hormone disturbance, growth, birth deformities, dryness and infertility.


#13. Wellbeing is by all account not the only hazard, a huge number of ladies utilizing sanitary napkins for quite a long time has made a harmful non-biodegradable waste issue so huge, India is not really ready to oversee it all.


#14. It’s costly and is not getting any less expensive either. God disallow in case you’re a substantial bleeder and gone through bundles in one cycle. Menstrual containers might be costly as well however in the event that you take great consideration of it, one glass can last you 10 years!


#17. No Leaks!


#18. Dissimilar to clean napkins and tampons which retain blood, menstrual glasses simply gather it, there by not denying your vagina of crucial sodden liquids.


#19. Simple transfer! You don’t need to stress over rank garbage by any means, as the glass gets full, simply expel the container and pour the gathered blood in the pot and flush it.